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What Is Commission Hero?

Commission Hero, is a training course by Robby Blanchard, that teaches affiliate marketing in a simple, clear, concise and very straightforward way. The system only includes 3-steps to go to $1,000 per day even when you’re just a beginner.

Results are not typical and this is not a get rich quick training or scheme. You will have to follow Robby’s teachings and instructions, then implement them and surely you will get success with this course.

As an Insider, who bought the product for testimony, am on the course and currently at $1,900/day but from the evidence I have seen, the course has members who has even reached $10,000/day.

I can assure you, Robby’s course, Commission Hero is the real DEAL and it works.


Read on………….

Robby’s training and mentality is not like the other Gurus in the affiliate marketing industry. He cares about his students and makes sure those who put in the work get results and recognition. Robby has a Commission Hero Facebook group where he answers almost all questions from his students and posts testimonials from successful students.

The affiliate marketing world is constantly changing and you should learn from or be mentored by a person that understands it and is successful at it right now, and not 15 years ago. Plus, you don’t see those guys on top of Click bank Affiliate lists.

Robby Blanchard has only been only doing affiliate marketing for about 3 years and he’s currently dominating everyone I know in the industry.

Who Is Robby Blanchard?

Robby Blanchard. is the #1 Clickbank Affiliate in the World. – Facebook ads expert. – Founder of Commission Hero

Making a claim to be #1 Clickbank affiliate in the world is not a claim to be taken lightly , but the good thing is that for Robby Blanchard, this claim has been found to be true and can be verified with Clickbank.

In case you are not familiar with ClickBank, it’s a massive & biggest marketplace where affiliate marketers and vendors / product creators come together to form a joint venture and sell products. mostly, digital products.

Whether you’re a product creator or a promoter / affiliate marketer… the top vendors and affiliates on ClickBank earn 6 and 7 figure incomes.

So, if Robby Blanchard is acclaimed the #1 ClickBank Affiliate in the World… what he is really saying?

“I’m kind of the big deal”.

The 3-Step System

His successful method is in TRUTH not 3-steps, because you have some work and set ups to do BEFORE you get to the meat of actually getting ready to start your money-making campaigns. However, we tend to reason with it’s being called 3-Steps because , generally in Affiliate marketing, they are the 3 major steps required to position oneself for sales or commissions.

The biggest advantage about Commission Hero is that it makes affiliate marketing complete easy, using just 2 Platforms – one platform as product source (Clickbank) and the other as Advertisement platform (Facebook). The BEST bit is, ANYONE, literally ANYONE, can make money with the system, even if you are a complete beginner or newbie.

The 3-Steps in Commission Hero are summarised as sollows:

1. Find an Offer – finding the right offer to promote is the first step to success with this system

(i) Robby Blanchard goes over multiple affiliate networks like Clickbank and Max-web on how to find the right offer to promote.

(ii) Robby has strategies and shortcuts he teaches to know if a product will convert or not.

(iii) He shows you how Choose from top niches to achieve the best conversions.

2. Create a Landing Page / bridge page – for an offer that you will have selected like in the step above.

(i) Robby does not really teach you how to create 7-figure landings pages completed with funnels – as some reviews claim. Rather, his course provides you some he has used before and you can remodel or use exactly the same.

(ii) Robby Blanchard prefers Click-funnels but of-course he does not dictate and you can use any other page builder of your choice like Grove Funnels which is free (cheaper and more features). However, the Funnels he provides you are compatible with either Clickfunnel or PHP.

(iii). Robby Blanchard teaches you image selection that is simple but powerful.

3. Run Facebook Ads – time to advertise your offer and make some money

(i) Robby shows you there is much more to Facebook ads than just targeting by teaching you how to create a page, open business manager, ad accounts, pixels and analyzing your data and many more

(ii) Learn how to select the right image, even if you think it’s wrong

(iii) Ad copy is the other half of a good Facebook ad and no one teaches that better than Robby Blanchard.

Is Commission Hero a scam?

An online course can be a scam in many ways, but here are a few main ones;

1. Run off into the sunset after they receive your payment, and never to be heard from again.

2. The information in the course doesn’t live up to their promises.

With Commission Hero, there’s nothing like scam. The program has been thoroughly tested, scrutinised and screened before being certified to feature on Clickbank. Also, all payments go through Clickbank should customers have issues or concerns and they process refunds where necessary.

there is a lot of great videos training you will receive, and all your questions will be answered in the Facebook group by Robby Blanchard , other course coaches and fellow students who have already received great success. Commission Hero is an amazing community and you will never feel alone.

Can you make money with Commission Hero?

Yes! Yes and Yes! Commission Hero is a TRUE Life changing course if you take it seriously, and implement what you learn. As Robby teaches, “SLOW IS FAST”, go at your own pace, and you are guaranteed of results. There are many people that have made money from Commission Hero, including myself and you can be one of us if you JOIN NOW!!!

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There is a little additional investments you would be required to make after joining like landing page registration, warming up your AD (Advertisement) accounts, paying for your ADs, etc ,this means that unless you are determined to learn and take action, then do not take this course because Commission Hero is not a “plug and play” get rich quick & easy overnight program.

Good News!

The good news is that, at your request, Robby has got some Ready-to-Help Expert trainers who would like, hold you by the hand and personally coach you for success. Not only that, for those who have not got the time to build their landing page and put their AD campaigns together, Robby has got some Done-For-You Campaigns that you can plug and run ADs on for ultimate success.

What Then Are The Pros And Cons Of Commission Hero?

Beginner Friendly – Anyone can make money with it. Those with some previous experience can start earning quickly.No pain, no Gain. Some enjoyable hard work required. Intermediate affiliates may some parts familiar.
No Upsells or additional cost to use the course after joining unlike other programsHidden monthly expenses depending on software you use ( see caution)
Fat track to success opportunity available through UpgradesDepending on you, it may take weeks to start making money
Personal One-on-One Coaching available upon requestPersonal coaching requires additional investment
Best Facebook advertisement strategy that ensures successOnly one marketing strategy – FB
Additional avenues to make money providedAttention is much more on the biggest traffic stage, Facebook
Money back guaranty if you change your mind Expensive to just try
Facebook group / community is very helpfulYou can ask any questions and get almost instant answers – Robby participates regularly too!
Guaranteed to make money fast if you take it seriously and implement the strategyBye bye to failures
Legitimate business modelNever seen or heard before
2X Payments offer available if you can’t afford to pay full $997May be too expensive for some.
Video tutorials are simple, short and concise. No time wasted
Email list building not required to succeedAn exception compared to other programs

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Commission Hero Is Results Driven!

Commission Hero is about results and you would expect it to produce it quickly because of having only 3 steps. Guess what? It does exactly that, as you might have seen in testimonials like the ones in the video below:

Users are profiting from $1,000 to $10,000 in just days, and am no different. Honestly, with what I knew about affiliate marketing, Robby took me to school with this course.

Don’t be over the moon with this course unless you are ready to give it your best shot and reap big.

Final Verdict Of My Insider Commission Hero Review?

Name: Commission Hero

Founder: Robby Blanchard

Type: Affiliate marketing training (using Facebook ads and Clickbank)

Full Course Training: 85%

Success Stories: 80%


I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a side to full income online with Affiliate marketing and affiliate marketers looking to use Facebook ADs and/or looking Fast and Guaranteed results.

Price To Join: $997 onetime payment or installments of 2 x $597 not including the other tools you will need like clickfunnels or Groove landing Pages (free)

Take Action and Join Commission Hero Now!


See the FRONT PAGE for our Rating for this system.


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