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The 12-Minute Affiliate System as the name implies, lay claim that it would take an individual 12 minutes to activate its system and start making upwards of $460 per day. How true is this claim or is it one of those empty promises and scams we read and hear everyday? Is the system really easy and simple to use? Does it really encompass the core system for making money with affiliate marketing? This review takes a non-bias view of the entire 12-Minute Affiliate System. Buckle up and let’s get into it!

What Is The 12-Minute Affiliate System?

12 Minute Affiliate is a Plug and Play, as in a Ready-Made System, otherwise called “Done-For-You” (DFY) Affiliate Marketing system created by Devon Brown, that only takes 12 minutes to set up for it to be up and running, with ZERO techy skills and ZERO prior experience required on the your part. and it would start making money for you.

It is created on the basis that affiliate marketing processes can all be done easily within a single system, along with sending website visitors (potential buyers) whilst building your subscribers list for the purpose of making sales (commissions).

Hence, there’s no surprise why the creators use phrases like “It’s Easier Than 1-2-3” , “If You Can Order A Pizza, You Can MAKE Money With This System”, “64-Year-Old Grandma Makes Commission In Her First Week Online”ETC

How Does It Work?

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What you Get With Your Purchase

1. THE 12-MINUTE SETUP SYSTEM – Simple Copy/Paste Instructions

These simple step-by-step instructions make it easy for even the newest online marketer to have the system set up QUICKLY.

The fastest they’ve ever seen someone set the system up is 12 short minutes!

But even if it takes you a little longer, you can still have it all set up BEFORE you go to bed tonight!

There’s even an option for Them to set it up FOR YOU

2. Done-For-You Affiliate Funnels (Landing pages) in the Hottest Niche Markets (Value: $2,240 + $1,164 yearly payment to Clickfunnels)

No HTML, no coding, no hosting, and no techie stuff! The 12 Minute Affiliate System includes ready-to-go affiliates funnels in the hosttest and MOST PROFITABLE niche markets (like making money from home’, ‘weight loss’, and ‘personal development’).

Just personalize the system so that the leads go onto YOUR email list, and affiliate commissions go to YOUR bank account!

3. OR Create Custom (As You Like It) “On Demand” Funnels (Landing Pages) in Minutes

Similar funnel-building systems costs $97.month or more! And they’re not as easy to use as the 12 Minute Affiliate Funnel Wizard.

With Funnel Wizard, you can create your own custom affiliate funnels in as little as 5 MINUTES! No coding or copy-writing needed!

4. Professionally Written Follow-Up Messages (Done-For-You)(Value: $3,200)

The fortune is in the follow-up! That’s why the 12 Minute Affiliate system includes MONTHS worth of professionally written, done-for-you follow-up messages!

No hiring expensive copywriters, and nothing for you to write yourself.

You would have EASILY paid a professional copywriter $40-$50 or more (per email). But with 12 Minute Affiliate, it’s all included!

5. Private Facebook Community & Free Private Training

The free monthly training alone are easily worth $97/month.

But when you add in access to a mastermind of members who are already crushing it, this feature alone is worth more than the price of the system!

Now you can be in business FOR yourself, but not BY yourself!

6. Done-For-You Traffic Solution – It’s As Easy As Ordering A Pizza!

Traffic is the life-blood of your online business. And They’ve just made it EASIER THAN ORDERING A PIZZA!

This easy traffic solution allows you to get targeted niche traffic in MINUTES (based on YOUR BUDGET). Just choose how much traffic you want, and we’ll take care of it for you!


Discover 16 ways to get FREE TRAFFIC to your website! Including:

  • How to get free traffic from Twitter & Facebook
  • how to get traffic from other people’s blogs and
  • how to get traffic just by posting pictures online!


The system will AUTOMATICALLY promote HOT affiliate products FOR YOU!

Just use your 12 Minute Affiliate System as normal.

As long as everything is set up, and you’ve got traffic coming to the system.

 They Will regularly promote the HOTTEST affiliate products FOR YOU!

ZERO additional work on your part

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Can you Make Money With The 12-Minute Affiliate System?

YES! You can make tons of money with the system. Since the system is based on the entire Affiliate marketing foundation i.e

Traffic => Landing page/Funnel => OFFER – the chances of making money with the system is very high.

Listen to some of many testimonials of the students below:

It literally takes 12 minutes or Less to set up the systemNew users are not allowed to learn the long ropes
The system is truly simple and easy to use as 1,2,3The simplicity and easiness cannot be denied
Help is available to do all the set ups for you, if you wish That is spoon-feeding
Demo videos are available for all steps in the systemsHelpful
Entry Price is cheap at $9.95 for 2 weeks, with $47/month there-after2 weeks trial price and the common recurring payment afterwards
Upgrade is available to fully benefit from the entire systemAdditional investment common in most affiliate programs
Done-For-You Sales funnels are available to use for FREENo learning required
You can create your own custom sales funnels within minutesA bit creative
Top 3 Niche products are made available for users to sell as well as top converting productsSpoon-feeding
You build your Email subscribers list where some don’t buy from you at the first timeAdditional little investment may be required to register Auto-responder account where your subscribers lists are held
Months of Done-For-You follow-up emails are available and sent to those who didn’t buy at the first time of asking.Added value
Results can be almost instant if users are ready to buy traffic to their offer(s)Additional investment in Paid traffic is required
Daily sales/commissions is common place with membersAdditional investment in Paid traffic is required
Presents affiliate marketing processes in its simplest formTrue, but users still need to learn how to generate organic traffic
Users are given training on 16-ways to generate free trafficThat is a learning process away from the core system
Multiple streams of income is possible to accelerate your salesUsers would need to Upgrade to enjoy multiple steams of income
You don’t need a website of your own or register a domain to host the landing pages providedAdded value
No need to be afraid of saturation as the Digital product market is a yearly over $3b Fear of saturation as other members use the same funnels and likely promote the same products
60-day Money back guaranty if you are not satisfied with your purchaseRefund rate is very very low.
Regular invites to FREE private training to accelerate your successAdded bonus
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Is It Worth The Money?

Compared to other programs who don’t offer as much but charge a lot, the 12-Minute Affiliate System is worth the Money.


For anyone who desires to have a Complete Affiliate Marketing Processes embodied in One Single System, without having to shop for them here and there (different places) and get confused with logjams, bottlenecks, disconnections without notice and expensive monthly outside software subscriptions ETC, we can confidently recommend the 12-Minute Affiliate System as a Value=For-Money Acquisition. With patience and perseverance, you are sure to recoup your investment and make much more from side to full-time income.

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